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Saturday, September 6

on Christians & political agendas...

inked here is an excellent post discussing what Biblical Christianity looks like in, say, matters of homosexuality & politics...

I seriously could not have expressed this better, myself!

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Comments on "on Christians & political agendas..."


Anonymous Anonymous said... (Mon Nov 24, 12:54:00 AM 2008) : 

My conclusion is this, our society is greatly deceived, and this deception is the same old lie since ancient times. People making a futile attempt to exult themselves as greater or above the other is the same old story. Those who succumb to participate in this very story are greatly deceived! All who participate whether voluntarily or involuntarily are myopic and prejudiced. No matter the attempt to rationalize or reason this exultation, is immoral. At the nucleus of this exultation is pride in the flesh.
Today resentments and hatreds continue and are held onto and guised as cries for equality, civil rights, and fairness. It can be said this is self deception. The reality is that opinions and differences will always be, and for whatever reason humans prefer to make these differences a focal point to infer an ulterior motive or magnify a negative rather than appreciate miscellany. These people embrace and make bed with deception and fail to recognize truth…truth it is spiritually appraised.
Spiritual matters can only be appraised by the spiritually minded. The hatred that exists is deeper than color of skin, much deeper than most realize! It is truly a sin to see it any other way. Are we brave enough to let the past be yesterdays future allowing a better present to be the past in a better future?
Do not live in the past, do not forget the past, but live in the present to experience today, if we truly seek healing. Stop re-opening the wounds…everybody and take responsibilty for you actions.


Blogger ibcarlos said... (Mon Nov 24, 01:51:00 AM 2008) : 

Forgive me, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, but:

I have no idea what exactly you are addressing by your comment.

Please refrain from loose, rambling pontification on this blog. And please don't do so anonymously. Let's "be known & be clear" when commenting here.

So...I'll infer from the location of your comment that you're tacitly defending the election of a president who is undeniably the most liberal in US history with respect to the liberties of the unborn. If so, all I'll say here is:

A) Mr. Obama has indeed been elected our president, and as such will soon assume an office that -by Biblical mandate- warrants every citizen's full "moral support" & civil compliance (barring direct violations of one's conscience)

B) his having been elected president in no way moves this particular black blogger to in any way exult over incidental, historical "firsts." Were he appropriately conservative in his views on what matters most (namely the lives of the unborn), that would be different.


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