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Friday, March 21

the Best Friday of all 52

...marks the day His hands were pierced.
Happy Good Friday to all!!!

n much, much, much lesser news...this week marked the 1st anniversary of my current employment. I'm very thankful for the job I have and think very highly of both my immediate boss and the company-at-large. Despite working from a small satellite office (with only 2 other people), I've experienced tons of grace, generosity & a fair amount of friendly cooperation. It really is a great place to work.

Spiritually, though, it has seemed un-surprisingly like parched earth.

Of course, I have wondered about whether or not there are any other Believers. My boss is agnostic and the other gent is a non-practicing Jew. From my own very limited standpoint, it's hard to sift through all the emails to ascertain who else might actually be in The Way.

Well, today, I had a somewhat gratifying email exchange with a co-worker housed in our Texas HQ. She had included a Passion-related passage of Scripture in a public email, to which I responded with an inquiry about her Faith. Following is part of her response:
Yes, I am a Christian. There are NONE in HQ, which I know of...I just try and do my best, when I move around, to find a good solid group of Christians to fellowship with, but it’s not always easy. The lack of them in the Houston office is very hard on me. VERY hard. Their perceptions of what’s “important” in life is very different from what God says is important. The people here make me sad, honestly, when you realize how unhappy most of them are, but they aren’t that interested in chatting with me about anything. Most people in the office know that I’m a Christian. What they don’t know is that most all of them are in my daily prayers.
I later quipped that she seemed unlikely to be attending Osteen's church. That set her off on a bit of a rant:
From what I’ve seen of Osteen, he’s about telling people what makes them feel good, and being non-offensive for the sake of furthering along his church (business) and popularity. My boss...says that he likes Osteen for that reason; he makes you feel good about yourself.

While it’s always nice to feel good about yourself that is NOT what Christ is about. Osteen was asked in an interview a few months ago why he chooses not to have a cross in his church building, he responded with some answer about how it could “offend” some people, and that’s not what he was about.

Do you think Christ cared about being non offensive when he picked a fight, twice, in the temple, or called the religious authorities a brood of vipers? I don’t think so. Joel is all about Joel, and anyone with half a brain that drives by his stadium church should be able to see that. His name is literally in huge lettering all over it. No mention of Christ. Just Osteen.
Yep...seems like we might have a live one, here. I guess time will tell if the true bond of Christian fellowship can grow with this fellow employee...sure hope so.

And so, I've been granted yet another (albeit far lesser) reason to rejoice over the Sovereign work of a Risen Saviour. I trust this weekend we will all contemplate the Richness of Grace Mercifully poured out upon those who Truly Love Him.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Blogger The Guitarist said... (Thu Apr 10, 01:30:00 PM 2008) : 

Vicente Ramon Guerrero, the second president of Mexico. Guerrero, who was of white, black and Indian descent, took office in 1829. Been there and done Osama(oops) obama can't take the credit as first president being black. Sooooory. :)

The Guitarist


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