one tiny soapbox: February 2008
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Sunday, February 10

an obvious example of moral decline!

lick here, and prepare to be shocked. (If you don't already know about it.)

...and, if you live in California and have kids in public school, you might want to finally consider that home school alternative. Or a good, solid Christian school.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Monday, February 4

and a child shall shoot them

ollowing is an email from my son's mother:
This past Saturday was Career Day at R_________ Church and I was on the planning committee. I________ went with me. During the luncheon he pulled out the camera you bought him and charged people $1 to take their picture and show it to them. I did not have anything to do with it, in fact I wasn't in the room when he started working the room. At the end of the day he earned $8. He put it in his piggy bank and will make a deposit into his [bank] account this month.

The career day committee will use some of I________'s photos on their website.
Wow...wonder where he got that from! (c;

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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