one tiny soapbox: December 2007
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Friday, December 7

looking for a trade...

UPDATE: No longer seeking a trade! ...found out I can get what I'm seeking at Best Buy, of all places. So there you have it. But thanks for considering.

Gentle Reader:

I've got $75 in gift card value from a MAJOR electronics retailer (just the first letter would give it away) which I'm willing to trade any honest, trustworthy citizen for the equivalent value from a certain MAJOR department store (signified by a Bull's Eye).

If you got what I'm lookin' for, and are open to a quick and honest trade, please let me know, ASAP. (Tryin' to make that MAJOR Holiday deadline. (c:)


End of advertisement.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Sunday, December 2

Glendale/Silverlake Bible Study trip to Joshua Tree National Park

(November 2007.) For all my rock-climbin' homies!

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ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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