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Monday, October 8

a thorn from the Gospel rose

Many seem to think Jesus is like a cosmic bellhop. If you do, too...please have a read (watch your fingers & toes)...
How did you come to Christ? Did you come just saying 'Hey Jesus, if You can give me a happy life I'll take it.' How would you like to have a happy life? How would you like to have an abundant life? I have a wonderful plan for your life. Want to know something? God has a terrible, wretched, ghastly plan for your life, apart from Christ, and you only come to Him on His terms, not yours. So you come broken and contrite, shattered over your sinfulness, and He changes you immediately and gives you a new heart and you are different, you're salt and you're light and you're on a hill and the world can see, and you're distinguishable if you are really a Christian. And your life is characterized by righteousness which means you are going to want to obey [His commands] more than you want anything else and that's going to result in right thinking and right talking and right acting and right kind of worship, and right kind of relationships and you know immediately somebody is going to say 'Who can ever live like that?' Good I'm glad you got to that point. Because you can't, you want to know something, that's all impossible.

I can illustrate to you by looking at Matthew 19, verse 23, Jesus had just talked to the rich man, the rich young ruler, told him to go sell everything he had and give it to the poor, and then come and follow Him, and the rich young ruler loved his money more than he loved Jesus so he took his money and walked away.

Now watch what Jesus says. "Verily I say unto you that a rich man shall with difficulty enter into the kingdom of heaven, (24) And again I say to you [now listen to this statement] it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

Now let me ask you something: can a camel go through the eye of a needle? You say 'well you don't understand, that's the Needle Gate,' that's not the Needle Gate, that is exactly what it means: it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to be saved. You say that's impossible! That's exactly what the Lord wanted you to conclude. Verse 25, "When His disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, (now if He would have been talking about some needle gate they would not have been amazed) and they said, who, then can be saved?" They knew He was saying a rich man can't be saved! That's what He was saying. Jesus beheld them and said unto them, I think you got the message boys, with men this is impossible. With God all things are possible. What was He saying? Just this: the standard is impossible, nobody, no time could ever be saved, but with God, it's possible. Do you see what He's trying to say, we don't have the resources on our own. We can't do it. And that's why you've got to be ready to strip that baggage off and cast yourself on the mercy of God and the rich man wasn’t willing to do it. He was willing to climb on the religious band wagon carrying his luggage of materialism and he couldn't get on with it. It was like trying to go through the eye of a needle with a hump-backed camel...impossible, that's the whole point.

The only way anybody ever enters the kingdom is when he realizes he can't and strips himself naked and arrives back at Matthew 5:3 broken in spirit and mourning and hungering and thirsting for a righteousness which is absolutely impossible for him to ever attain. You say but most people don't want to meet those conditions. You're right, most people want to go to heaven their way, that's right. They want to get on with all their crud; they are like a guy going on a trip with four bags. Here's worldliness, sin, Satan, and self, and they’re going to get on. And they are saying Jesus, I want the happiness you are going to give me I want to stay out of hell, here I come! There's a road for them by the way, go back to Matthew 7:13 and let me show you.
(Click here to read this sermon in its entirety.)

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Comments on "a thorn from the Gospel rose"


Blogger Brad said... (Thu Oct 11, 04:22:00 PM 2007) : 

Nice message Carlos, I will print the Sermon out. Hopefully use in a start up Bible study at work (many unbelievers there). Take care - Brad


Blogger ibcarlos said... (Thu Oct 11, 04:34:00 PM 2007) : 

Hey, Brad!

If you like that one, just wait 'til I post more of the same. There were several sermon's the Lord used both the bring me to Biblical Repentance and Saving Faith, as well as to help me gain a thorough understanding of the concept of Repentant Self-denial.

They blew away the old ideas I had of the Lord being all about my self-fulfillment and my self-actualization!


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