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Monday, October 29

good art (like good coffee) is hard to find...

~ 11/7/07 UPDATE: 'If it's on your heart to do so, please pray that the Lord will provide Erin with an opportunity for a job interview for a contract position and that the Children's Hunger Fund may even consider sponsoring her. Time is of the essence for Erin to get employer sponsorship and/or some work ASAP. Thank you, saints!' -Friend of Erin's, Julie Cha ~

Harder still at affordable prices!

As you can see from the images, my friend, Erin "Wooyeon" Park, is a talented artist. She's also going through some seriously hard times, financially.

So, if you feel at all inclined, please let a brotha know you might be interested in purchasing (or commissioning) any of her art. She assures me she's affordable, and doesn't price her work "pretentiously." And because of her tentative immigrant status, she's also in need of a corporate sponsor of her green card 'ASAP'.

Here's a link to more of her work. It includes her resume with contact info. (Please tell her I sent you.)

Thanks for considering!

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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