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Wednesday, September 26

good coffee is hard to find

Needless to say, good Friends even harder still.

Speaking of of mine now manages a 'groundwork coffee company' coffee shop in Hollywood. I'm told the java there is exceptional (heard this from a faithful Starbucks employee). One "coffee-hating" person I know told me, "They have good shakes!"

You should check it out if you live in LA or ever plan to visit. When you do, ask for Whitney (the former seminary student). Click on the picture for the location.

Bottoms up!

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Comments on "good coffee is hard to find"


Anonymous Anonymous said... (Wed Oct 03, 02:53:00 PM 2007) : 

Just read your post on a dating website. I am married and NOT interested in a relationship but a friend who is looking to be in a marriage relationship asked me to read it. We have just left a PCA church due to a lack of integrity in the leadership and are looking to find a church that teaches expositionally and also embraces our rich Christian roots. This seems NOT easy to find. Where do you worship on Sundays? Does your church/denomination have other churches? We are in central Texas. Peace of Christ,


Blogger ibcarlos said... (Wed Oct 03, 03:11:00 PM 2007) : 

Hi, Melissa ~

Next time you want to hail me, feel free to use one of the contact options in the right side bar, that way we communicate directly, instead of via comments in a blog post.

It both pains me to hear of your plight, and thrills me to hear of your search! Following are two helpful links:

The Master's Seminary
Grace Community Church

I'm ensconced at Grace Community Church, which also has a seminary, from which solid Bible expositors are graduated twice each year. The first link is to a page where you might find a sem grad pastoring/teaching in your area. If not, then please do contact the church directly (via the 2nd link), to get a recommendation of a sound Bible-teaching church (perhaps through our Shepherd's Fellowship ministry).

I trust these resources will help you; please check back to let me know if they have!



Blogger The Serious Christian Blogger said... (Fri Oct 05, 02:00:00 PM 2007) : 

Hello Melissa,

Perhaps you could check for an Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in your area (ARP)? Good hunting.



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