one tiny soapbox: should I have laughed or cried?
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Tuesday, August 28

should I have laughed or cried?

So, my son initiates a most peculiar conversation, today, while riding home in the car.

It starts with:
Daddy, I don't learn the Word of God in New York.
A tad surprised, I ask why he'd say that, given that he routinely attends church with his mother (and which she claims teaches sound doctrine to the little ones, despite it's overtly liberal theology). In response to that question, my dear, six year old unRegenerate little boy says:
oh, yeah, I do go to church there, but, they don't have the Gospel...someone preaches, but the person doesn't preach the Gospel (like at your church).

All I'll say here is that I certainly hope and pray my precious little man is one day saved through the power of the very Gospel he has come to acknowledge!

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Comments on "should I have laughed or cried?"


Blogger Twin4Him said... (Fri Aug 31, 08:17:00 AM 2007) : 

Wow! You go to John McArthur's church? He's one of my favorite pastor's.


Blogger ibcarlos said... (Fri Aug 31, 08:36:00 AM 2007) : 

I do, and I love it!

God is so gracious to this wretched sinner!

Thanks for commenting, Tina!


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