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Friday, August 3


I'm from Minneapolis - born and raised - though I haven't been there in years. In fact, I've planned a return trip for this Labor Day. Lord willing, My son and I will be spending the week visiting with my dad and mom, after more than 4 years of being away. (I know, I "terrible!")

During my youth, I've crossed the Interstate 35W bridge countless times, and would likely have done so at least once or twice during my upcoming visit.

Well, after doing a bit of reflecting (only a little bit, honestly), I though I'd post on the city's recent newsworthy 'tragedy'. But, instead of pontificating, I thought I'd defer to someone a lot more capable...someone who pastors in the heart of "ground zero"...

This man is totally "on-point." What better response could there possibly be?

There is none.

BTW: I'll be visiting the church pastored by this guy in a few weeks. I am looking forward to it.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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