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Thursday, August 16

featured: StumbleUpon, I've been roaming the Internet quite a lot, lately, searching for new and effective tools to help me promote this blog & what not. By God's Grace, I've met with a measure of success, thanks largely to StumbleUpon, an ingenious tool I've come to rely on quite heavily.

Simply put, StumbleUpon is the simplest, most helpful (and gratifying) way to randomly browse web sites of your particular areas of interest. You simply select from a very complete list of categories, and then "stumble" across the Internet, viewing hundreds, if not thousands of related web sites. As you stumble, you can give each site you find either a "thumbs up," or "thumbs down," which helps to make your "journey" an increasingly enjoyable one. (Sorta like Pandora.)

Have fun with this one; there's much to be had!

(NOTE: Be sure to select your categories thoughtfully, so as to decrease the likelihood of stumbling across sites you may not want to see. Also, you'll need to download the tool bar to fully utilize the service. Fear not, though...I've now had it for over a year and can attest to there not being any spyware or malware. It's totally unobtrusive.)

To see some of my stumbles, click the following "thumbs up": StumbleUpon.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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