one tiny soapbox: Amway, Quixtar and the 'ol pyramid schemes?
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Tuesday, August 14

Amway, Quixtar and the 'ol pyramid schemes?

My apologies to my dear friends who are building Quixtar businesses or are employed directly by Alticor, but, the following news is far too significant not to pass on.

Apparently, a dozen or so power distributors have been fired and have gone public with a scathing assessment of the company. They're doing so by suing them in order to get out of the non-compete clause they agreed to when becoming distributors.

All I'll say here is that for any well-organized, ethically structured entity, this sort of thing may arise, but should have no real adverse effect on its business, or ultimately its reputation.

I can't help but wonder, though, if this can be said of Alticor's Amway/Quixtar business...

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