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Tuesday, August 28

should I have laughed or cried?

So, my son initiates a most peculiar conversation, today, while riding home in the car.

It starts with:
Daddy, I don't learn the Word of God in New York.
A tad surprised, I ask why he'd say that, given that he routinely attends church with his mother (and which she claims teaches sound doctrine to the little ones, despite it's overtly liberal theology). In response to that question, my dear, six year old unRegenerate little boy says:
oh, yeah, I do go to church there, but, they don't have the Gospel...someone preaches, but the person doesn't preach the Gospel (like at your church).

All I'll say here is that I certainly hope and pray my precious little man is one day saved through the power of the very Gospel he has come to acknowledge!

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Friday, August 17

'Beatbox Fame Game'

Okay,, I have to take back everything I (might have) ever thought about white guys being inept at "makin' music wit'yah mouth." Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This guy is superb! Please do enjoy the aural pleasure of this...

(Click here to discover the source of this video.)

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Thursday, August 16

featured: StumbleUpon, I've been roaming the Internet quite a lot, lately, searching for new and effective tools to help me promote this blog & what not. By God's Grace, I've met with a measure of success, thanks largely to StumbleUpon, an ingenious tool I've come to rely on quite heavily.

Simply put, StumbleUpon is the simplest, most helpful (and gratifying) way to randomly browse web sites of your particular areas of interest. You simply select from a very complete list of categories, and then "stumble" across the Internet, viewing hundreds, if not thousands of related web sites. As you stumble, you can give each site you find either a "thumbs up," or "thumbs down," which helps to make your "journey" an increasingly enjoyable one. (Sorta like Pandora.)

Have fun with this one; there's much to be had!

(NOTE: Be sure to select your categories thoughtfully, so as to decrease the likelihood of stumbling across sites you may not want to see. Also, you'll need to download the tool bar to fully utilize the service. Fear not, though...I've now had it for over a year and can attest to there not being any spyware or malware. It's totally unobtrusive.)

To see some of my stumbles, click the following "thumbs up": StumbleUpon.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Tuesday, August 14

Amway, Quixtar and the 'ol pyramid schemes?

My apologies to my dear friends who are building Quixtar businesses or are employed directly by Alticor, but, the following news is far too significant not to pass on.

Apparently, a dozen or so power distributors have been fired and have gone public with a scathing assessment of the company. They're doing so by suing them in order to get out of the non-compete clause they agreed to when becoming distributors.

All I'll say here is that for any well-organized, ethically structured entity, this sort of thing may arise, but should have no real adverse effect on its business, or ultimately its reputation.

I can't help but wonder, though, if this can be said of Alticor's Amway/Quixtar business...

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Thursday, August 9 networking 2.0?

It seems my wait to jump completely onto the whole social networking bandwagon may finally have come to an end. There's a "new guy" in town; call him Mr. Spock.

A recent rant on the official WIRED blog bemoans the fact that all the major social networking sites - the myspaces and LinkedIns - share one critical limitation: they all have "walls." That is to say, they're not interconnected...there's no sharing or cross-access to profiles between them. For that matter, one can't even access one's own profiles universally (without adding yet another piece of pesky software). Some, like Facebook, even prevent one from viewing a single profile until after joining.

For those of us interested in acquiring new contacts - and reconnecting with old ones - it means having to join and track these numerous profiles. Don't know if you've tried this, but, I can testify to the fact that this can be downright burdensome. It's the primary reason I've been holding back from going full bore on the social networking tip.

Spock appears to have eliminated this problem - or at least minimized it - by combining the two most common web-based activities into one: searching & socializing. In their own words, they're:
...the online leader in personal search, helping users find and discover people. With over one hundred million people already indexed and millions added every day, Spock is building the broadest and deepest people specific search engine.
Do I hear another eBay (or Google) purchase preparing to be rung up? The interface is wiki-esque, only much simpler, and may well spell the beginning of the end for those other, cumbersome social networking sites.

My advice to you, Dear Reader, is to put up your own profile, and get all the facts straight, before-hand, so as to prevent someone less trustworthy from doing just the opposite. Like is common on certain wiki- sites. Why not get started now? And hey, while you're at it, search my name and drop a couple of descriptive tags on it. Or vote on the tags I've already used (which promotes accuracy).

Careful, though...I just got subscribed to Pre-Paid Legal, so yah best get it right! (smile.)

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Friday, August 3


I'm from Minneapolis - born and raised - though I haven't been there in years. In fact, I've planned a return trip for this Labor Day. Lord willing, My son and I will be spending the week visiting with my dad and mom, after more than 4 years of being away. (I know, I "terrible!")

During my youth, I've crossed the Interstate 35W bridge countless times, and would likely have done so at least once or twice during my upcoming visit.

Well, after doing a bit of reflecting (only a little bit, honestly), I though I'd post on the city's recent newsworthy 'tragedy'. But, instead of pontificating, I thought I'd defer to someone a lot more capable...someone who pastors in the heart of "ground zero"...

This man is totally "on-point." What better response could there possibly be?

There is none.

BTW: I'll be visiting the church pastored by this guy in a few weeks. I am looking forward to it.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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