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Tuesday, July 3

sex by design!

I highly recommend Sex and The Supremacy of Christ by John Piper. Here's an excerpt:
We were made to know Christ as he really is. (Which is why biblical doctrine is so important.) We were created to comprehend—as much as a creature can—the supremacy of Christ. And the knowing we were made to experience is not the knowing of disinterested awareness—like knowing that Caesar crossed the Rubicon, or ancient Gaul was divided into three parts—but the knowing of admiration and wonder and awe and intimacy and ecstasy and embrace. Not the knowing of Hurricane Jeanne by watching TV but by flying in the eye of the storm—sometimes even hang-gliding!
Excellent stuff! You can listen to and read both parts here, for free (along with other sermons preached at the 2004 conference of the same name).

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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