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Saturday, June 30

bust a move?

So, there's a very prominent pastor who essentially asked for his wife's hand in marriage in an extremely non-traditional way.

Seems he knew her back when she was the fiancée of another. The invitations were in the trunk of her car, but (curiously) had not yet been mailed. He apparently communicated to her his disagreement with her impending choice of husband and made it clear that he wanted her as his bride. (This is no rumor, but, publicly proclaimed, historical fact.)

He seems to have done something right...they've since been happily married for decades (with 14 grandbabies, at last count).

Wow! ...I wonder if I could ever muster the nerve to bust that type of move?! Recently, I've begun to consider that I may, indeed. Perhaps more on that later.

And with that, I leave you with a great article on the essentials of marriage.

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Comments on "bust a move?"


Blogger Brad said... (Mon Jul 09, 01:20:00 PM 2007) : 

I've been "bustin a move" back here in Kansas myself. Me and the lawn mower, movin out fast with dozens of mosquitos hot on my trail!

Well, do I need to come back to L.A. for any reason??????

Bro Brad


Blogger ibcarlos said... (Tue Jul 24, 09:09:00 PM 2007) : 

Hey, hey, hey! Braddie-Brad!

Sorry 'bout the lateness of response...for some reason I didn't get notification of your comment.

Hey, you leave those 'squiters alone, fellah...and pick on someone your own size!

And, no, ain't no cause to come back, yet. At least not for that. I'll be sure an' let to a Brother know whenever that news hits.

Thanks for stoppin' by a spell!


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