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Wednesday, May 16

Biblical artist spotlight

About a pint of my tears have flowed during the playing of the album, What Language Shall I Borrow, recorded by Darby Hughes, a Brother from my church. After publishing two albums, he's recently taken the bold step of relocating to the Lone Star state to attend a graduate music program. (Kudos to you, Darby, for pursuing excellence to the nth degree!)

Like me, Darby has a great appreciation for the theological writings of the Puritans...particularly their hymnody. And so, this latest album was his attempt to get at the heart of some of these deep, rich lyrics by composing music to several of them.

You can purchase this little gem for only $12.75 at GBI Books (linked in the 'vendors' section of this blog). Indeed, I trust it will profit you, richly!

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Tuesday, May 15

for the beauty of words...

Aaahhh...the inherent richness of words! Yes, the human tongue can serve as quite the impetus for praise and glory to God, when used properly. Further, language can certainly promote a deep appreciation for the profundities of both earthly and heavenly life, when wielded by a skilled and reverent penman. The Scriptures say that both life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

On that note, I commend to you the following site - recently added to my the 'profitable' section of my blog - which I trust you will find profitable in your pursuit of Holy thought:

Quotes from

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Saturday, May 5

Christ & sinners: who's the seeker, who's the sought?

Are there people who genuinely seek after Truth, and is it the preacher's responsibility to facilitate their quest in the most effective and culturally relevant way possible?

Is it true that techniques and methodologies play a significant role in reaching such seekers, and that if we fail to regard and employ them rightly, there may be souls in hell who should, instead, have gone to heaven?

What of churches that have a greater concern for seeker-friendly evangelism than for maturing Believers? Are they being wise stewards of influence for the Kingdom?

Read this link for some very thorough answers to these compelling questions: The Gospel According to...

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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Thursday, May 3

what was i thinking?!

I've decided to try offering some insight into how my thinking has changed in the time since my mind was Redeemed. We'll see just how diligent I can be with this, in light of the challenges of life "off-line."

More to come; perhaps even soon...

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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