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Thursday, April 12

outlaw spanking?

Ah, hem!
'Assembly Member Sally Lieber's first proposal to address all spanking of children ages three and under was never introduced as a bill, apparently due to much opposition. However, contrary to claims originating from her office, (1) she has not "fixed" her no-spank proposal; she has only adopted a different strategy; (2) AB 755 is an anti-spanking bill "in disguise" and would have the effect of abolishing most spanking without using language directly outlawing spanking; (3) Lieber believes that all "good parents" never spank their children; that only "bad parents" do, and therefore "good parents" do not need to be worried about her bill; and (4) when Lieber claims that her bill only deals with child abuse, remember that she believes that all spanking, by definition, is child abuse. Her strategy in AB 755 is to treat all spanking with an object as criminal child abuse. She has deliberately failed to make any distinction between spanking as a method of discipline and true child abuse.'

Looks like somebody's being pretty persistent in her efforts to ratchet up municipal mitigation of parental rights and responsibilities in California. For those of us who care enough to do so, following is a link to how to react:

Though I am, indeed, convinced the government cannot save us, I am greatly inclined to action on this one...

ibcarlos, Reformed thinker

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