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Monday, November 6

Ted Haggard & I...

Surely by now, you've heard. If not, go here, and here to read about it.

I encountered Ted Haggard while attending Oral Roberts University. He was one of the favored speakers there. My most prominent memory is of his address to a men's conference one year, at which he admonished us to show patient consideration with respect to our (prospective) wives' differing libidos.

I have to agree completely with Tim Challies, on this one. Truly, I am inwardly no better than this, or any other man. I am a chief, self-deceiving Sinner. My own heart is as wicked, vile, totally sinful and untrustworthy as Ted Haggard's has shown itself to be.

With Peter, I acknowledge this sinfulness in me and supplicate: please, please, please, Lord, have Mercy on me, preserve me and do not drop me from the Blessed Grasp of your Grace!

And so, what now? I say the most appropriate responses to the Ted Haggard failing, are to: 1) Pray for New Life Church in Colorado Springs; 2) pray for our own hearts, lest we think ourselves beyond the reach of the Heinous; and 3) continue to call all men to repentance, humbly using even this sad thing as an opportunity to do so.


To be true, I must confess in the aftermath of this - another highly publicized moral failing of an Evangelical church leader - my thoughts have been somewhat mixed (ultimately for the good, I trust). On the one hand, though I abhor the tendency of many to grossly over-indulge in a dependence upon God's attribute of Love, I equally detest the ugly, compassion-less tendency to over-emphasize God's attribute of Holiness (or Wrath). Both these attributes of our Lord are very real and very, very relevant to each one of us. (As one expressed it, recently: 'It is the holiness of God that requires man's repentance/redemption and the love of God that makes man's repentance/redemption possible.')

I admit, I have tended to lean toward the latter, in an endeavor to compensate for the former, of which I was plainly guilty in my "BC" days. I'm still grappling with the balancing act between the two. Yet, I don't think I'll ever quite leave off the belief that the two must go hand-in-hand in any well-rounded presentation of
Gospel Truth...
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Blogger Donny said... (Mon Nov 06, 10:19:00 AM 2006) : 

As a fellow Christian, here is my take on the Ted Haggard story.


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