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Saturday, November 25

Sovereignty & Injustice

Thanksgiving dinner for me was delightful, as usual. It is always a real Blessing being able to luxuriate at the table of a savory, well-prepared meal amidst the sanctifying company of Biblical Christians! But, my idyllic state of thankfulness was (thankfully) mitigated by a sobering conversation...

One of the dinner guests - a trustworthy Brother who is currently preparing for ministry in Asia - shared from his heart about a fellow member of our church who is presently incarcerated. He walked closely together with this prison-bound Brother throughout both the legal proceedings and the time of ungodly drama preceding them.

For some time, David's desire had been to use his formal theological training (from Dallas Theological Seminary) to serve as a missionary in Southeast Asia. His wife seemed to be enthused and in full support of this.

However, this dream was surprisingly dashed upon the rocks of a wife's sentiment turned completely against her husband. She falsely accused him of sexually abusing their three young children. Consequently, he now sits in prison, unjustly sentenced to spend what could be the rest of his life there. This at the hands of a woman who has shown all evidence of an Empty Profession of Faith in Christ.

There's more to the story, of course; a string of dramatic elements, including things like an accusatory testimony riddled with inconsistencies from the first; a distracted attorney who by witness accounts gave paltry attention to the construction of David's defense (highly favorable evidence from a prior civil trial went unused, witnesses went uncalled...outright lies were given to excuse such "oversights"); and most sadly, the forced turning of the childrens' own sentiments against their father, despite his innocence.

Indeed, this sort of "mockery of justice" can hamper one's trust in the American judicial system, and perhaps even one's view of the sacred bond of trust between a husband and wife. Nevertheless, God is in absolute control in David's situation, and in His Sovereign exercise has seen fit to bless him with a ministry to fellow inmates.

Meantime, he's seeking a re-trial.

My request of you, Dear Reader: despite the distance and lack of personal familiarity with these circumstances, please join me in praying for David, that he would be continually encouraged and strengthened, that his ministry would yield a harvest of souls for Christ's Kingdom, that his wife and children would be Regenerated unto Salvation, and that his case would soon be retried, to his vindication!


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