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Thursday, September 7

Let Me Break It Down

y future wife does not regard herself as "the perfect mate," but, her life can be accurately characterized as one of progressive obedience to the Revealed Will of God (namely, The Scriptures).

She is a lover of historic, Biblical Christianity and is convinced of the Doctrines of Grace. She's a student of the Scriptures, absolutely convinced of their inerrancy and their sufficiency for every facet of the Believer's life. She's an anti-fan of "Purpose Driven"-ism, "Wild-at-Heart"-ism, "Prayer-of-Jabez"-ism, "Chicken-Soup"-ism or any other fad of "church-ianity."

She knows God's Word opposes the sinful concepts of self-esteem and self-fulfillment (unlike the message flowing from the pulpits of most modern evangelical churches); instead she majors in the practice of self-denial taught by Christ and His Apostles.

She's eager and striving to conform to the Biblical pattern of true womanhood (ie.: being service-oriented, giving top priority to family and home, being modest in expression, etc., as per Eph. 5; 1 Peter 3; Titus 2, & 1 Tim. 2 & 5 (see also: 'The Excellent Wife' by Martha Peace).

She’s a bit old-fashioned, yet is not married to “nostalgic traditionalism” for its own sake; rather, she’s acutely aware of and grieves over the general state of moral decline in our society and its attendant trappings and consciously seeks to counter them in the routines of her daily activity and dress. She's smart (not necessarily a “Brainiac”), warm, affectionate, genuinely nice, and is a strong proponent of healthy eating and healthy living.

Finally, she expects – yet does not demand – her future husband be like-minded in these things.

Oh, and someone to whom I am physically attracted, bearing in mind that, among other things, physical attraction (which, of course, is relative) is one of the safeguards established in nature by God to help eliminate the temptation of infidelity (though obviously not exclusively).


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