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Friday, August 11

.Fun at 7500 Feet!

y son and I spent a glorious tent-sleeping, hike-taking, fire-warming (and dirt-diving), time camping at Los Padres National Park. It was a bona fide father-son First. Now the visuals...

Aaah, Mount Pino...home of the drive-thru

...tent-maker, tent-maker...make me a tent!

Now, look, son: you gotta stay on the trail
with the group, ya' hear?

Stay on the trail...stay on the...
Oooh, a squirrel!
This mouth full of teeth courtesy of
The Junior Rock Climber Association!

Careful, boys...that's a 40 inch drop to the
forest floor!

...and the funny thing is: the tree was
only 4 cents/min. for all calls over 20 minutes.
Aaaww...what a haimish group of outdoorsmen.

Ain't no campin' without a campfire and s'mores
(...unless, of course, you go camp in the Sierras
during a high fire alert).


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