one tiny soapbox: August 2006
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Tuesday, August 29

Sought: A Wife

he non-negotiables:

1) Absolutely, Verifiably & Unashamedly Redeemed

2) Already the Biblical principles of Womanhood (like this young co-Electress so well wrote)

3) Has Biblical Christians in her life who can vouch for her strength of character

4) Is Mature enough to receive as her own my young son

5) Is committed to the practice of healthy eating & healthy living

For elaborations, go here...

...And for more on me, personally, go here.


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Monday, August 14


oday, an old school-mate sent me the following MSNBC on-line article about Carlton Pearson, a man under whose preaching I sat during most of my years in Tulsa:

Now, Universalism is bad enough, but his being made into a poster child for underdogs...that just saddens me.


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Sunday, August 13

I like this face.

So call me "off," but, I just like this face.

"Char," whoever you are, sista, 3-color relief is your look.

Okay...I'm through.



Friday, August 11

.Fun at 7500 Feet!

y son and I spent a glorious tent-sleeping, hike-taking, fire-warming (and dirt-diving), time camping at Los Padres National Park. It was a bona fide father-son First. Now the visuals...

Aaah, Mount Pino...home of the drive-thru

...tent-maker, tent-maker...make me a tent!

Now, look, son: you gotta stay on the trail
with the group, ya' hear?

Stay on the trail...stay on the...
Oooh, a squirrel!
This mouth full of teeth courtesy of
The Junior Rock Climber Association!

Careful, boys...that's a 40 inch drop to the
forest floor!

...and the funny thing is: the tree was
only 4 cents/min. for all calls over 20 minutes.
Aaaww...what a haimish group of outdoorsmen.

Ain't no campin' without a campfire and s'mores
(...unless, of course, you go camp in the Sierras
during a high fire alert).


Tuesday, August 1

.8 Years Ago Today.

n this day, 8 years ago, I took a young woman to be my wife.

Today, 8 years later, here I stand, divorced by that same young woman.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away (may he never take away my love for Him).

Blessed be the name of The Lord!

Timely are the following thorough expositions of what God has said about divorce and remarriage.

Jesus' Teaching on Divorce:

Divorce & Remarriage:

~ ~ ~
Bonus Q&A with John MacArthur


[UPDATE: For those of you who've mentioned it, the links have been fixed.]

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