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Friday, June 23

.i do.

o the marriage officially ended last Monday. And, lest you judge me as particularly uncouth for putting such things uncaringly "on display," understand there's a bunch of context being intentionally left out at this juncture. Perhaps in one or more future posts I'll fill some or all of it in for the interested to read. Meantime, feel free to contact me directly for more of said context.

Anyway, here's pretty much a brief summary of events:

Marriage commenced ~ August 1998
First hint of the end dropped ~ April 2002
Beginning-of-the-end boom lowered ~ December 2003
Physical (and decidedly unBiblical) separation ~ July 2004
Divorce filed ~ November 2004
Divorce finalized ~ June 2006

And you may wonder if I mourn.

I do, though not so much over the loss of a marital relationship. For, believe it or not, after so Providential a Journey as this one, my days of mourning are well past.

No, I'm not grieved nearly as much for the death of the marriage as I am for the soul of she who professes faith in Christ, but who, I fear, does so rather emptily. Clearly, the life bears precious little resemblance to the claim.

Yes, I prayed for her many times throughout this ordeal; mainly a prayer for her soul's salvation, and hardly ever for the preservation of the marriage. For I knew that when once the heart was regenerated, all would eventually be restored. However, at this point, that's now pretty much rendered moot, Biblically.

Yet it's the unresolved Issue of salvation which saddens me far more than does the prospect of a new marriage, which actually...well, we'll just leave that for another post.


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