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Wednesday, June 28

.Backwards or Opposite?

concise post today at TeamPyro got me in the mind to drop something today about perceptions versus reality. Or put another way: Truth vs. Fiction. Many, many, many people ~ including many professing Christians ~ take offense when the real meat of Scripture, fundamental Truths, are taken at their purported values.

For instance: as mentioned in the last post, a fellow church member was graciously taken by Christ to heaven several days ago. Now, was this really Grace? and was it really best that she be taken home, as opposed to being allowed to live many more years on earth, luxuriating in the short-term benefits of the Christian life on earth?

The Apostle Paul wrote in the Scriptures that for him to live was Christ, and to die was gain. What did that mean, really? Well, among other things, he was acknolwedging that, though life on earth is a blessing to be enjoyed (at that time, his life in prison was more a blessing to others) it is, by comparison to life in heaven with Christ, of lesser benefit. Yet another inspired author identified man (and thus, his life) as just a vapor.

By contrast, the view of the avowed atheist, as Frank Turk so succintly observed in his post, sees this life as all there is, and so he would disagree wholeheartedly with this sort of "backwards" thinking, perceiving it as a contradiction of logic. Since there can perhaps be nothing better than to live this one to its "fullest."

There are certainly a myriad of other examples I could describe, like that of true gain versus temporary gain; true riches versus man's idea of wealth, true wisdom versus human wisdom, true success versus temporal accomplishments, etc, etc, etc.

No, we're not backwards at all, merely right side up in our thinking, if we think in an Biblically accurate manner. And on that note, let me just say I might just be a tad jealous of my sister Tracey, right about now.


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