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Wednesday, June 28

.Backwards or Opposite?

concise post today at TeamPyro got me in the mind to drop something today about perceptions versus reality. Or put another way: Truth vs. Fiction. Many, many, many people ~ including many professing Christians ~ take offense when the real meat of Scripture, fundamental Truths, are taken at their purported values.

For instance: as mentioned in the last post, a fellow church member was graciously taken by Christ to heaven several days ago. Now, was this really Grace? and was it really best that she be taken home, as opposed to being allowed to live many more years on earth, luxuriating in the short-term benefits of the Christian life on earth?

The Apostle Paul wrote in the Scriptures that for him to live was Christ, and to die was gain. What did that mean, really? Well, among other things, he was acknolwedging that, though life on earth is a blessing to be enjoyed (at that time, his life in prison was more a blessing to others) it is, by comparison to life in heaven with Christ, of lesser benefit. Yet another inspired author identified man (and thus, his life) as just a vapor.

By contrast, the view of the avowed atheist, as Frank Turk so succintly observed in his post, sees this life as all there is, and so he would disagree wholeheartedly with this sort of "backwards" thinking, perceiving it as a contradiction of logic. Since there can perhaps be nothing better than to live this one to its "fullest."

There are certainly a myriad of other examples I could describe, like that of true gain versus temporary gain; true riches versus man's idea of wealth, true wisdom versus human wisdom, true success versus temporal accomplishments, etc, etc, etc.

No, we're not backwards at all, merely right side up in our thinking, if we think in an Biblically accurate manner. And on that note, let me just say I might just be a tad jealous of my sister Tracey, right about now.


Tuesday, June 27

.For Christ's Sake! #2 (for Tracey)

esterday, I recieved news of the passing of a fellow church member, Mrs. Tracey Price. We had only just learned of her having an aneurism the morning of the previous day. We prayed for deliverance from this ordeal, and, by God's Sovereign, merciful Grace, she was granted it.

Whether in trials of health, or persecution, whether in time or in Eternity, The Lord of Mercy ultimately grants the Grace of deliverance to all his Believing own!

I offer the following account of the Martyrdon of another famed missus in honor of our dear sister Tracey. The two, though previously unacquainted, now have the occasion for a joyous meeting!

Mrs. Cicely Ormes
This young martyr, aged twenty-two, was the wife of Mr. Edmund Ormes, worsted weaver of St. Lawrence, Norwich. At the death of Miller and Elizabeth Cooper, before mentioned, she had said that she would pledge them of the same cup they drank of. For these words she was brought to the chanellor, who would have discharged her upon promising to go to church, and to keep her belief to herself. As she would not consent to this, the chancellor urged that he had shown more lenity to her than any other person, and was unwilling to condemn her, because she was an ignorant foolish woman; to this she replied, (perhaps with more shrewdness than he expected,) that however great his desire might be to spare her sinful flesh, it could not equal her inclination to surrender it up in so great a quarrel. The chancellor then pronounced the fiery sentence, and September 23, 1557, she was brought to the stake, at eight o'clock in the morning.

After declaring her faith to the people, she laid her hand on the stake, and said, "Welcome, thou cross of Christ." Her hand was sooted in doing this, (for it was the same stake at which Miller and Cooper were burnt,) and she at first wiped it; but directly after again welcomed and embraced it as the "sweet cross of Christ." After the tormentors had kindled the fire, she said, "My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit doth rejoice in God my Savior." Then crossing her hands upon her breast, and looking upwards with the utmost serenity, she stood the fiery furnace. Her hands continued gradually to rise until the sinews were dried, and then they fell. She uttered no sigh of pain, but yielded her life, an emblem of that celestial paradise in which is the presence of God, blessed forever.

It might be contended that this martyr voluntarily sought her own death, as the chancellor scarcely exacted any other penance of her than to keep her belief to herself; yet it should seem in this instance as if God had chosen her to be a shining light, for a twelve-month before she was taken, she had recanted; but she was wretched until the chancellor was informed, by letter, that she repented of her recantation from the bottom of her heart. As if to compensate for her former apostasy, and to convince the Catholics that she meant to more to compromise for her personal security, she boldly refused his friendly offer of permitting her to temporize. Her courage in such a cause deserves commendation - the cause of Him who has said, "Whoever is ashamed of me on earth, of such will I be ashamed in heaven."


Friday, June 23

.i do.

o the marriage officially ended last Monday. And, lest you judge me as particularly uncouth for putting such things uncaringly "on display," understand there's a bunch of context being intentionally left out at this juncture. Perhaps in one or more future posts I'll fill some or all of it in for the interested to read. Meantime, feel free to contact me directly for more of said context.

Anyway, here's pretty much a brief summary of events:

Marriage commenced ~ August 1998
First hint of the end dropped ~ April 2002
Beginning-of-the-end boom lowered ~ December 2003
Physical (and decidedly unBiblical) separation ~ July 2004
Divorce filed ~ November 2004
Divorce finalized ~ June 2006

And you may wonder if I mourn.

I do, though not so much over the loss of a marital relationship. For, believe it or not, after so Providential a Journey as this one, my days of mourning are well past.

No, I'm not grieved nearly as much for the death of the marriage as I am for the soul of she who professes faith in Christ, but who, I fear, does so rather emptily. Clearly, the life bears precious little resemblance to the claim.

Yes, I prayed for her many times throughout this ordeal; mainly a prayer for her soul's salvation, and hardly ever for the preservation of the marriage. For I knew that when once the heart was regenerated, all would eventually be restored. However, at this point, that's now pretty much rendered moot, Biblically.

Yet it's the unresolved Issue of salvation which saddens me far more than does the prospect of a new marriage, which actually...well, we'll just leave that for another post.


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Wednesday, June 21

.For Anybody Interested...

This is what a divorce looks like...on paper, anyway:


Case Number: BD415798
Filing Date: 11/02/2004
Case Type: Dissolution of Marriage
(General Jurisdiction)
Status: Stipulated Judgment 06/19/2006


SPILLER WILLIAM - FORMER Attorney for Petitioner
W________ IB. CARLOS - Respondent
W________ IB. CARLOS - Respondent In Pro Per
W________ K___ L____ - Petitioner

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)

06/19/2006 Notice-Entry-Judgment
06/19/2006 Judgment
06/19/2006 Declaration-Default
06/19/2006 Declaration-Income & Expense
06/19/2006 Stipulation-Estab or Mod.Child/Fam
06/19/2006 Agreement-Marital Settlement
06/19/2006 Declaration-Serv Final Decl of Dis
06/19/2006 Substitution of Attorney
04/17/2006 Judgment-Package Received-STIP (Judgment Package Approved)
11/03/2005 ResponseFiled by Respondent
03/11/2005 Agreement-Conciliation Crt-& Order
11/22/2004 Notice-Ruling Filed by Petitioner
11/17/2004 Stipulation-Judge Pro Tem
11/17/2004 Declaration-Income & Expense (by Respondent)
11/15/2004 Response-Decl-OSC/Ntc of Motion (by Respondent)
11/11/2004 Declaration-Income & Expense (by Respondent)
11/02/2004 PetitionFiled by Petitioner
11/02/2004 Declaration-Uniform Custody Minor'Filed by Petitioner
11/02/2004 MiscellaneousFiled by Petitioner
11/02/2004 Summons-Family LawFiled by Petitioner
11/02/2004 Order (by Petitioner)
11/02/2004 Application-Ex-Parte-and Order (by Petitioner)

Proceedings Held (Proceeding dates listed in descending order)

- 03/14/2005 at 08:30 AM in Department CE87, Dobbs, Ann, Presiding OSC - Order to Show Cause (O/CAL M/P) - Off calendar-Moving party
- 11/17/2004 at 08:30 AM in Department CE87, Dobbs, Ann, Presiding OSC - Order to Show Cause - Continued-Court's own motion


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Monday, June 5

.Cover Your Mouth! (CYM #2)

n deference to those much more learned and articulate than I, today's post will be another CYM post. Read it and raise the hand to the lips.


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Friday, June 2

.Take Back Your Telephone!

any of you were rather happy to hear of the recently added government service called the "National Do Not Call" phone registry. I certainly was; I eagerly registered both home & mobile telephones!

However, I had an idea strike me rather hard in the noggin after recently fielding yet another telemarketer's call (that's right, months after having eagerly registered my phones with the aforementioned registry...grrr):

Why not put those telemarketing calls to work for you?!?!

I mean, really...why not? Just moments after telling (not the first caller from) the Daily News, 'no, I'm not interested in a free subscription to your publication,' I realized I'd just let go of an opportunity to find out if he was interested in considering what I had to offer him. Which, I hasten to add, is of far greater worth than a half dozen "newspapers" I'd hardly make time to read.

Since that idea struck me, I've removed my home phone number from the "Do Not Call" registry and have already begun responding to those eager beaver phone sellers with a wee bit of selling of own...something along these lines:

'Hey there, "Josh!" You know what, man, I spent 2 years in telemarketing myself and I was miserable at the end of that time. Now, I enjoy what I do, because I spend my time helping regular folk like you rid themselves of less-than-desirable jobs. If you're anything like me, you're probably open to something like that. Now, if I could show you a way to replace this job with a legitimate, legal, ethical, simple, potentially lucrative home-business, would that be worth about an hour of your time? called me, right? I could simply have done what many do and rudely hung up ~ BUT ~ I decided to offer you the chance to learn about something that could literally change your life for the better.

Now, tell me ~ 'Yes' or 'No' ~ if I
could show you a way to replace this job with a legitimate, legal, ethical, simple, and potentially lucrative home-business, would that be worth about an hour of your time?

[If 'Yes'] Then take down my web address: Go there when you're not on the clock and find out a little more about what I do. My contact info's on there, just call or drop me a line and I'll set you up with the full "411."

[If 'No'] Well, if you happen to change your mind, why not take down my web address:, and when you do become interested in a change for the better, you can just call or drop me a line and I'll set you up with the full "411."

Eventually, either I'll stop getting telemarketing calls altogether, or I'll start earning some eager business partners. Either way, I win...and so do they!

Incidentally, if the appeal above rings your bell, dear reader, then why not take my advice and visit the above link to find out how you, too, can be well on your way to improving your financial circumstances...


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