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Monday, November 20


Awesome! Amazing! Totally radical! Absolutely Fantastic!

Ever wonder if the use of words like these is overdone? What about: love...hate...adore...never?

I think these superlatives are frequently abused, and quite often given poor context. "Exactly how do you mean?" you may be wondering.

Well, consider that the only One to whom can literally be ascribed such descriptors as "awesome," "amazing," "absolutely fantastic," and the like is God, alone. Further, what more accurate definition of love can be found than was penned by Paul's own Inspired mind in his first epistle to the Corinthian assembly (many of whom were utterly guilty of losing sight of what it actually is - much like we have in the contemporary church).

I know, I know, it sounds like I'm trying to negate the cultural context of popular expressions. But really I'm not. Think about it: over 1 million words strong, and the English language has little more to offer than dizzyingly rehashed variations of the same old hyperbole? I think not. This is a call to not only consider the enslavement of these poor phrases, but also to remember (or learn) the vast richness that is the most common Tongue on Earth!

(Come, now...I know you can remember a few of those 2 dollar words ($.50, adjusted for inflation) from your high school English class...)
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