one tiny soapbox: .Spring Cleaning. ~or~ A Change of Pace.
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Monday, April 3

.Spring Cleaning. ~or~ A Change of Pace.

Henceforth this blog will change. For the better, I hope.

For the handful of you who've read the short version of
my life till now, and the serious post immediately following that, you'll recall that I was pretty intent back then to make this an oh-so-serious place in blogosphere for only weighty theological content. In fact, the blog was actually called my "Pulpit," a name I'd chosen to communicate the fervor and earnestness with which I would put forth against error and excess frivolity.

Though I still take issue with folks who just don't know how to bridle their tongues (of which I'm occasionally guilty myself) I've come to realize, through the faithful blogging of some much better writers/thinkers/doers than I that I was likely taking myself (and this blogging thing ~ but especially myself) a tad more seriously than was necessary.

So, on that note, I've decided to lighten up this pit stop on the info superhighway a little. From now on, I'll allow myself to do little more rambling, a little more driveling, perhaps even indulge in the occasional thoughtful, tasteful and none-too-offensive (gulp) griping. Stay tuned...if you care.

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