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Wednesday, April 5

.Pardon Me, But... #1.

...what exactly does it mean when a person waves a friendly "hey, there" just after cutting you off in traffic?

...and why do many people seem to have an instinctual reflex to speed up when they see you ahead of them, signaling a merge into their lane?

...and just why do some folk seem to make an extra-special effort to let you know their ill-timed choice to share your spot on the road has landed you at the top of their "Most-Annoying Drivers" list?

I also wonder precisely which knucklehead delegate to the Legislative Nonsense Committe proposed that the extreme Elderly and Chronic Sunday drivers even be allowed into the DMV, let alone granted a license renewals?

Well, anyway, I would say these and other disturbing dilemmas will be solved once we step into eternity, but then, you and I both know we won't be thinking of such things, then.


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