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Thursday, April 27

.Not Good Enough?

Days of Purpose: the current popular guide to discovering a sense of "Purpose" for one's life.

Hm...what's my take? Well, let me just share a bit of my story...

I still have a few friends who don't know this, but, I was a Professing believer for years before I became an actual Believer. During my time of empty profession, and particularly while attending Oral Roberts University (yep, that's right), I had several idols in my life ~ one of which was my "Purpose." You see, thanks to several Word of Faith (read: false) teachers, I was convinced there had to be more to life than simply living a life that glorified Christ.

According to these purportedly great learned men of faith, one cannot live an effective, ultimately satisfying life without having identified the vocational filter through which God wants to minister to the world through each of us. In other words, if you're not working in your ideal job or business ~ the one to which The Lord has called you and has purposed for you ~ you're living "beneath your privilege," and could ultimately risk a Divine "tsk, tsk, tsk," God's express disappointment and/or disapproval when you finally face Him and give account of how you spent your life; or, as one Inglewood, California pastor illustrated it: receive a big red "F" on your life's report card.

The vocational facet of this prevalent doctrine is, I believe, especially emphasized in black churches (with which I'm most familiar). Perhaps it's due to the excess attention paid to occupational and financial achievement we black folk tend to burden ourselves with in reaction to a history of economic dis-enfranchisement. But developing that point would take me beyond the intended scope of this post.

What I will say about this inherent emphasis within the discover-your-purpose movement is that it exacerbated my own laziness. How so, you might ask? Well, because during my days of "ill-providership" I was often unwilling to do what it took to adequately provide for my family. I was always a hard worker, but rarely willing to do the hard work of working smarter. That is to say that during times of unemployment, I allowed my motivation for "handling my business" to be seriously hampered by that overarching (or undermining) desire not to settle for work that wasn't well in line with my "Purpose." This led to a variety of problems, which I may detail at a later time.

I trust some of you fellahs reading know precisely what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Because I may lose some of my readers over the length of this post, I'll just close with some outright assertions:

  • Our desire to seek modern-day approaches to finding this answer is fueled by one or more of the following:
    • a high view of self
    • an insufficient (low) view God & His word
    • an underlying desire for self-fulfillment & self-affirmation
I recommend the following profitable reading, for those tempted to think that on this issue, the Word of God is simply not quite enough:

- Some reviews & analyses of The Purpose-Driven Life
- Some useful info for those facing the onslaught of Purpose-Driven-ism.


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