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Friday, April 7

.No They Didn't.

According to a plethora of "news sites," a late-breaking discovery about Judas Iscariot could have a significant impact on Sancta Scriptura. Now, take heed, all Pomos, and sundry cult-ists to That wherein lies a Most Blessed and Potent Paradox:

Christ Jesus, the Ultimate Sacrificial Lamb, was pre-destined to be delivered to and executed by the authorities. This divine appointment was made by The Lord of Hosts, Himself, to satisfy His own Just and Holy Wrath, on behalf of the Elect.

God killed Jesus as payment for the sins of those He loves!

Yet Christ Himself declared the very nature of the one fore-ordained to make this vile delivery as possessed by Satan himself, indicating the punishment awaiting this man for choosing to be the one through whom this great offense would come.

Those who have not the spiritual illumination of mind, who have not been brought to Life by the animating work of God's Amazing Grace, will not, indeed cannot accept as reality this Penultimate Paradox between the absolute, undeniable Sovereignty of Yahweh and the (sin-enslaved) will of man.


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