one tiny soapbox: March 2006
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Wednesday, March 22

.Do it. Now.

This man is suffering and may very well die for his proclamation of Faith in the One Living Triune Lord & God. Here is an international petition for his release. Sign it. It's so easy to do that if you don't...Shame On You.

Your visit here is fleeting. Think & live eternally.

Friday, March 17

.No Title.

My life is a dramedy to entertain the King. May He be well pleased by my bumbling attempt to play the role to His Ultimate Pleasure.

Thursday, March 9

.Quite a Gas!


.On Marriage.

Okay, now some bloggers from around the Way (and for whom I have a great affinity) are really starting to strike close to home (God Bless 'em). Here and here are some very goods words put in on the subject. And Frankly, even here.

Perhaps I'll blog about my own experiences sometime soon.

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