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Wednesday, February 22

.Some Worthy Black History.

Okay...I usually wouldn't, but here's a link to what I think might just be a decent homage to "Black History Month." More importantly (and the reason I chose to do this), it is an homage to a notable black preacher of old, whose ministry seems to have had a significant impact on his congregants, and more, on virtually every life he touched. With that, I leave you with the story, as told by a special contributor to the Washington Times.

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Blogger Moo Zuba said... (Fri Mar 03, 08:13:00 PM 2006) : 

Dear Carlos,

That may well be the best "Black History Month" presentation I've ever seen. I'm more than happy to learn about great men in the history of our nation, but it thrills my soul to read of those who lived and died serving the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that He will grant me the strength to live and die for His sake!

I find myself so encouraged by all of you at the PyroManiacs blog (both the writers and the commentators) and my heart aches to fellowship with those who love the Lord even as I do. My name is Jon Blevins, by the way. I suppose there's no use keeping it a secret or anything. At first I was afraid that people who know me in real life might find my blog and cause me difficulties, but I forgot that most people who know me in real life wouldn't take the time to read the rather verbose entries I tend to create when thinking about spiritual matters. Another reason I hadn't divulged my name was that I'm actually a little embarassed at my lack of discernment and understanding and depth in the things of God. The people associated with this blogging community have truly humbled me in this regard. Lately I've been considering whether I oughtn't try to go back to school (specifically to the Master's Seminary) and I was somewhat concerned that my foolish musings here online might hinder the potential for that move.

Grace and peace to you in all things from God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.

In Christ alone,
moozuba (aka Jon)


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