one tiny soapbox: January 2006
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Tuesday, January 17

.Church, Inc.?

Follow this link for a brief parody of what the church ought not to be about.

Now, follow this link for some insightful commentary on the subject.

That's about all i have time for, blest!

Thursday, January 12

Some Good News!

I've moved...not to another blog hosting service. Rather, I've moved myself to Sun Valley, California...and I'm diggin' it! Diggin' it because I now enjoy several luxuries I formerly only dreamt of, namely:

  • A semi-isolated location (meaning the unit isn't immediately surrounded by other units; it's in a free-standing part of the complex with the only directly neighboring unit located on the level above ~ and if you knew my son, you'd know another reason why this is a plus).
  • Off-street, gated parking
  • On-site laundry
  • Ample storage space
  • Several nearby parks (for my son!)
  • A pool

And the real bonus:

  • close proximity to church and work (3 miles to one, 4 to the other)!

I humbly offer my thanks to The Almighty Sovereign for blessing me with circumstances so rich in measure!

I also heartily and sincerely thank my good friends ~ the Blakes (and the Lusters) ~ for their tremendous gifts of encouragement (and major financial assistance) to help usher me through this transition.

My reasons for moving were simple, really. First, a burglary and two car break-ins in 18 months (and a close neighbor whose place was burglarized 3 times in as many years). Second, a yearning to be closer to where I gather with my church family for corporate worship. Third, a real disliking for the daily commute!

Obviously, The Lord is gracious to me and I thank him, once again.

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