one tiny soapbox: October 2005
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Friday, October 7

.it's worse...much, much worse.

.the woman at the well.
.the demonized boy.
.the rich ruler.
.the harlot.
.Peter in denial.
.the crucified criminal.
.the chief Pharisee.
.Pontius Pilate.
.Herod the tetrarch.
.Judas Iscariot.
...none of these were worse than i.

.my sin is worse...much, much worse than i could ever state it. i deserve every
shove, every blow, every lash, every thrust. the sticks, the whips, the thorns, the nails, the splinters, the cross; indeed, every ounce of the Holy wrath God poured out on Christ.

.the atheist.
.the fiend.
.the pimp.
.the prostitute.
.the druggie.
.the rapist.
.the serial killer.
.the pedophile.
.the slave-broker.
.the satan-worshipper.
...indeed, none are worse than i.

.yes, my sin is worse...much, much worse, than can ever be stated.
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