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Tuesday, September 27

.the Gospel, re-defined?

Leave out:
the holy character of God,
the holy excellence of His law,
the holy condemnation to which transgressors are doomed,
the holy loveliness of the Savior’s character,
the holy nature of redemption,
the holy tendency of Christ’s doctrine,
and the holy tempers and conduct of all true believers;

then dress up a scheme of religion of this unholy sort:
represent mankind in a pitiable condition,
rather through misfortune than crime;
speak much of Christ’s bleeding love to them, of His agonies in the garden and on the cross, without showing the need or the nature of the satisfaction for sin;
speak of His present glory, and of His compassion for poor sinners;
of the freeness with which he dispenses pardons;
of the privileges which believers enjoy here, and of the happiness and glory reserved for them hereafter;

clog this with nothing about regeneration and sanctification, or represent holiness as somewhat else than conformity to the holy character and law of God, and you make up a plausible gospel, calculated to humor the pride, soothe the consciences, engage the hearts, and raise the affections of natural men, who love nobody but themselves.
Thomas Scott
(1747 – 1821)
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