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Sunday, August 14

.Wonka, Maslow & Yahweh.

.imagine a world virtually edible, where everywhere your gaze falls lay some exquisite fare ~ all designed to fulfill your every craving. such is the world of Willy Wonka.

.obviously, this is pure imagination, the level of which the vast majority of us Sinners would find sickeningly hedonistic.

...or would we. if you, like i, took high school or college psychology, you learned of another man, not the least bit fictitious, whose keystone theory bore an appeal not unlike that of Wonka's fantastic world, and yet continues to gain increasing global acceptance, even in the realm of Mainstream Churchianity.

.Abraham Maslow's world is no less hedonistic than Wonka's, though decidedly more sophisticated. Maslow affirmed the ancient belief in man's autonomy with his 'Hierarchy of Needs.' in this theoretical construct, man's drive for fulfillment begins with the most fundamental needs (oxygen, food, water, sex ~ yes sex is a most basic need in Maslow's world), and culminates with 'self actualization.' though
Maslow was not the first to assert the concept, his theory served as a "global debut" of the first systematized explanation of human self-fulfillment.

.conspicuously absent from Maslow's hierarchy is depraved man's need for Redemption.

.sound familiar? it should, because it concisely characterizes our present Western society. consequently, convincing reasons could be given for why this theory is to be refuted as ultimately unprofitable, but, Maslow's human needs pyramid does serve one useful purpose: to illustrate how truly self-focused depraved man is.

.in our Lord's economy, however, He is at the center of All, while everything we worldlings enjoy results exclusively from the Sovereign Grace with which he allows it; the air we breathe, the food and water we consume, companionship, whatever good thing we may find pleasurable. in a nutshell, we are inherently undeserving of anything, while He is Infinitely Gracious in providing whatever we have.

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May Your Life be Lived on Purpose.

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