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Thursday, August 18

Simple Pleasures!

I'm regularly amazed by the simple yet profound pleasures which the Lord allows us lowly creatures to experience. I was driving home today from my 9-to-5 when the thought occurred to me that I could create this 2nd blog for expressing virtually anything that comes to mind, thereby remaining faithful to the original intent of the 1st. This thought brought genuine pleasure to me and I actually chuckled to myself while revelling in that.
Immanuel, why're you squinting'?
It was also a bit relieving, given my recent growing desire to do some "light" writing. This is a big deal to me because I believe "blogging" is a powerful form of communication...far too powerful for a Biblical Christian to waste solely on rantings and foolish talk. Which is why I started right out of the blocks with my "soapbox." I recently realized, though, that one can benefit from having a place to just vent excess thought activity. (And the opportunity to air them "publicly" is a very appealing proposition; one I decided not to pass up.)

So, here's a picture of another Great and Blessed Joy I've lately been graced with; the single arrow in my quiver, and for which I am most grateful!
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