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Friday, August 5

.and on that note...

.tonight i was again reminded of "what it's all about." a truer illustration, i think, may not be found of the True Meaning of Life than the conversion of an Elected soul from darkness to Light.

.my friend, Lynnette, was visiting her family out East and unnaturally blessed with the thrill of seeing her sister become a Sister. it must have been truly, absolutely astounding! imagine witnessing ~ better yet, serving as "mid-wife" in ~ the re-birthing of a soul from the hellish way to the Divine, from the dead to the Living, from sin's utter enslavement to Salvation's Ultimate Liberation!

.i'm sure many have witnessed people going down to the front of a church service to "give their lives to the Lord" or "make a commitment to Christ," but i have to wonder
(knowing now what i did not know then) whether or not the majority of these professions are empty. Our Lord Christ Himself offered a description of such "easy-believism," epidemic in our affluent and "tolerant" Western society.

.nevertheless, all praises lifted for this newest Entrant to the Kingdom, may her robe flow and crown glow to His eternal glory...Who searches the hearts of His foul, lowly creatures!

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