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Thursday, July 21

¡a Sinner's song!

you, Oh King, delivered me from myself

you have snatched me up from the miry clay and degradation of my self-loving will

from the quagmire of human depravity, which is utter

you have delivered me from the quicksand of godlessness

from the death-clutches of it's downward spiral!

when i was fallen, when i was shamefully naked and base

you descended; you humiliated yourself by condescending to my lowly yet rightful place.

you came to purchase me in my banal nothingness,

you stooped low to retrieve me from my fittingly humble estate

you dredged the septic deep and culled me, the dross

you combed the barren places and scraped me up, the road kill

you plunged the depths of putrid waste and skimmed me, The Amheratz!

you traversed the span between Heaven and hell and hauled me in, the foul animal.

you, Great Master, deserve a praise that cannot be fully uttered, you deserve, Oh Sovereign, a gratitude that cannot be fully expressed!

oh, how i wish i could fully give you what is yours by right, could fully surrender to you what your inherent worthiness demands

how i wish i could even begin to lift up ~ in voice and in action ~ the full measure of worshipful thankfulness and appreciative praise that i will ever owe you.

and what i owe you ~ the height and depth and breadth of it, could not possibly be described in any volume of works, nor recorded in a universe of ledgers.

if i were to forsake all, then take ten thousand tongues and mouths and begin singing Your Praise, eternity times eternity times eternity would not nearly allow me enough time to meet my obligation of debt to you!

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Blogger john said... (Sat Jan 24, 01:07:00 PM 2009) : 

I feel the same way.


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