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Wednesday, July 13

Mei said...

I am seeking wisdom. I found your blog. Maybe you can help to point me in the right direction. Before I share with you, I'd like to get more of a background on you if possible. I will however tell you a bit more about myself. I'm 30, married, with 3 children. I am a minister in the praise and worship "department" of my church. I am in search of a deeper meaning for my life. I know I am heading the right direction, that is to say that I am not feeling regrets about how my life is going at this point, but I do however feel completely alone and lost on earth. My mental battles are tremendous and numerous and it seems like the more "right" I do the more things go wrong. Not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual. I know, I know thats where all great battles are won or lost, that's not my issue. My issue is building my own mental stability so that I am better equipped to help others. Any thoughts?

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