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Wednesday, July 13

.in response to Mei's comment:

.well, Mei, I’m 33, in process of being divorced by my wife, and have one young son. but, more importantly, i'm striving to be actively building up Fellow Pilgrims (Christians) in their “most Holy Faith” (Jude 1:20-21), by stimulating them to “love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24-25). in light of this all-important goal, i offer the following:

.you say you're a minister in your church's praise & worship and yet ‘in search of a deeper meaning’ for your life. this puzzles me. as you may know, a “minister” is someone who Serves or who attends to the Needs of others. what Needs does a minister of music seek to fulfill? is it to satiate the felt, emotional needs of the congregants? no; Pilgrims come together, not really to meet “felt” needs, but to build each other up in their knowledge of the Triune God. in the context of “worship”, this is typcially done by singing songs of rich and deep doctrinal significance. historically, Pilgrims have done this through the composing and singing of hymns, songs, and spiritual sings, brimming with Scriptural Truth. if this describes the “worship” at your church, Mei, than I would hope your understanding of the True Meaning of Life would already be quite extensive and need little improvement.

.you say you know you’re heading in the right direction, and have no regrets about the current flow of your life, but that you ‘feel completely alone and lost on earth.’ this puzzles me. in part because an inherent benefit and crucial motivation of being a minister is the sheer delight taken from the very act of service. also, because our Lord told us He would never leave nor forsake His own. who more could we possibly need, besides the great assembling of other Pilgrims to help us keep reminded of His perpetual omni-presence?

.i also wonder if you might not be caught up in the all-to-common Pursuit of some ultimate, individualized life purpose that can only be “discovered” after extensive spiritual seeking.

.if so, then beware, Mei, and do not be mistaken; as stated previously in this blog, there’s only one singular Purpose for which we were Created, and that is to glorify The King whose very words brought us and everything else into existence. the Height and End of all “spirituality” is and ever will be a correct knowledge of and obedience to The King…there is no deeper nor greater meaning in life than this.

.take care not to become engaged in seeking for seeking’s sake. seeking “something better,” some second, third or fourth blessing seems the thing to do, these days, but it’s all an empty and disillusioning pursuit, a waste of time for the true Pilgrim.

.there is no more valid direction, no greater quest, no higher pursuit, no more lofty goal than to be actively engaged in the learning of The King’s Will, His Word ~ with a progressive obedience attending thereto. and you, being in a unique position of helping others come to know, embrace, and rejoice in these life-giving Truths, ought to find contentment and fulfillment in this.

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