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Tuesday, July 26

.dearest Mei:

.please forgive me, Mei, for i think your words have exposed my own presumption and inadequacy. it seems ~ by your own admission ~ you are searching for something that it is apparent i cannot do a great deal in helping you attain. perhaps this signifies my having reached the (very near) limits of my ability to offer you any substantial help. in future months and years, i may be better able to offer more succinctly diagnostic responses, but for now, i think that cannot be, at least to the extent you require.

.gently, i also remind you that this is, after all, a blog (and that others are welcome to offer their own responses to matters posted hereupon). i believe it very likely the help one in your frame of mind will most profit from is the one-to-one counsel of a Mature and Loving Pilgrim ~ with an unswerving and absolutely Biblio-centric perspective, ideally trained in Neuthetic counseling; a claim i cannot feign to make at this juncture, and would likely not be able to administer via computer if i could.

.humbly, i can only encourage you to "be being filled with the Spirit," for i'm convinced this is the surest path to fulfillment and mental stability prescribed in Scripture.

.since your reading of Scripture seems to be rewarded only with more questions, i strongly urge you to take some time and thoroughly review the links in the right-hand column, most of which are rich treasure-troves of Biblio-centric online literature written for the express purpose of helping to lift such a Fog. in light of potentially debilitating events in my own life, many of these resources have proven most encouraging to me and helpful in forming a clearer view of our Lord and what He offers in times of true need.

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