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Sunday, July 31


.to the 2 or 3 of you actually reading this blog: as stated previously, i welcome comments, suggestions and direct responses to items posted hereupon. however, please be aware that not all these comments, suggestions and direct responses will, in turn, be posted.

.also (and this may not matter so much): i think i see the need to drop my self-styled,
pseudo-poetic form of expression at times, and lapse into plain old "speech." why? well, I've seen already (from at least one of you 3 who visit) that anonymous responses can sometimes be written in an assumed style devised to match mine, resulting in an acquired cyber-persona through which things can be expressed that simply are not true. there's far too much of that happening on the Net; i won't allow it on this site.

.so, if it sometimes seems i've lost my "dialect," don't worry, it's intentional. (however, i'll probably never totally rid myself of the idioms of Historic Standard's the language i inherited, and one i happen to like very much.)

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