one tiny soapbox: June 2004
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Wednesday, June 23

Hong Kong STM -- The Remix!

[9/26/10 UPDATE: All praises to He Who Provides that our team's funding has exceed 100%! We still covet your prayers & invite you to do so over the coming 2 weeks. We're scheduled to leave this Wednesday night (9/29) via Korea Airlines & return two Fridays later (10/8). Thank you so much for your encouragements, prayers & financial gifts. Remember: The LORD sees, knows & is preparing gifts in Glory for you. Matt. 6:19-24; Luke 16:1-13.]

Greetings Family ~

As a handful of you already know, in the summer of 1992 a clueless college kid took his first trip overseas to the city of Hong Kong with Oral Roberts University Summer Missions. The stated purpose of that trip was “evangelism."

As you may not know, some dramatic changes have occurred since then. Hong Kong --then under British rule-- was released to mainland China. Likewise, that clueless college kid --then under Satan’s rule-- was released into God's Kingdom! Whereas I formerly believed for years I was a Christian, in the summer of 2004 I discovered that --like many others, sadly-- I had merely been self-deceived.

Today, I stand at the cusp of new ministry opportunity in Hong Kong — this time legitimate in every way — as an authentic disciple of our LORD! This letter is my attempt to share this with you & to afford you the opportunity to partner with our team as we prepare for what lies ahead.

This October, I will be part of a team traveling to this populous city. We will be serving our missionary family (some of you affectionately know 'R' and 'E' by name) as they host a three day conference training pastors from the region. Our goal is to minister to the attendees’ children (ages 0 to 15 years), who will be staying at the training site.

It is a great privilege for us to demonstrate the love of Christ to Believers abroad in this tangible way, especially considering how uncommon children’s ministry is for the small house churches from which these families will be coming. Two of our main objectives are to encourage the local body by our service and to emphasize the importance of serving their younger generation. I am joyful for this opportunity!

We are well aware that the success of this trip is dependent on the Lord and your prayer support. Along with your prayers, if you would like to partner with us financially, please make a check payable to Grace Community Church with “For the team of lB. Carlos Whitfield” in the memo line. Then send it to the address below. Your tax-deductible donation will go toward covering the costs of the trip, which are about $2,700 per person.

In Spread of His Fame!
IB. Carlos Whitfield

Short-Term Ministries c/o Grace Community Church
13248 Roscoe Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352
818-909-5704 |

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